Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reader Feature: An Afternoon in Paris Bridal Shower with the H2O Bar!

Time for another Reader Feature:

Remember my cousin Bethany I told you about before?  Well she has 2 younger sisters, Julie and Courtney, who are just as awesome as she is:

They were so excited about their baby sister, Courtney. (Especially Bethany:)  ) 

Jul and Beth, cutest bunny and lion ever, huh?

 Well anyway...a couple weeks ago, Julie and her mom, my Aunt Derry, threw Bethany the most fabulous bridal shower. 

The theme: An Afternoon in Paris.
Doesn't it sound divine?

Every little detail down to the eyelashes on some of the poodle cookies was so Parisian, and girlie, and perfect...

See the eyelashes on the white poodle on the bottom right? Too cute!

Well... let me tell you we were so flattered to hear thatone of the features of this party was our H2O bar from our Sips Launch Party!

Too fun huh? 
Love their additions of mint and berries!

Great job girls! 

And thanks SO much for sharing!

***Anyone else ever make on of the recipes we've posted?
 We love hearing about it and ways that you found to make it different and more fun! 
Email us pictures,, and tell us a bit about it, and maybe you can be our next Reader Feature!!***

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