Monday, November 7, 2011

The "Recommended by YOU" Bar at our Sips Launch Party

Saturday was our Sips Etc Launch Party!

To say it was fun would be quite the understatement.

Kirstin and I had such a good time planning and decorating and creating, and TheAdams would probably admit they had fun coming up with their contributions too.

You can see more details about it here, but I can tell you that it included lots of fun Sips- a Latte Bar, a Pumpkin Chai Martini (with a twist), an H2O Bar, and homemade cider.

And of course we had some great Bites- delicious dips, and fried pickles, and all kinds of red and white sweet treats like red velvet whoopie pies, red velvet cupcakes, Red Vines, and an assortment of other red and white candy.

Lots of these things will show up as tutorials in the coming weeks, but today we wanted to highlight one of our favorite features: the "Recommended by YOU" bar.

The invites requested that each guest (or couple) bring their favorite drink to share. It could vary anywhere between your favorite beer or wine (Moscato was Kirstin's recommendation), to your favorite flavor of Izzes (Grapefruit? Pomegranate? That's a tough one), or even Diet Coke (my recommendation). Katie even brought hot apple cider. In a percolator. That's dedication!

To prep for the bar, Kirstin made a "Recommended by YOU" sign so guests knew exactly where to put their drinks.

She also made little tags that said "Recommended by" with a space for the guest to write their name so everyone knew who brought what.

Guests tied their label to their drink with a color coordinated ribbon so that everyone's recommendations were clear. And of course, we had several Sharpies on hand for proper labeling!

Not only did it look great (if we can say so ourselves), but it was fun to try people's favorite drinks, and made for a great conversation piece.

Throwing parties this holiday season? 
Might we suggest that you add a "Recommended by YOU" bar to your party plan?


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  1. HOWDY!! Ok so I'm hosting the office Christmas party. We are all to bring an appetizer plus I'm going to have them bring their favorite drink...I was like Kirstin I want just Moscato but, I'm sure others might want something else....I'm doing the labels too....FANTABULOUS!! Thanks for sharing:)