Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reader Feature: Recap and a Green Smoothie!

A couple of weeks ago we posted an announcement that we're introducing a new column: Reader Feature!

It all started when my parents sent me a picture of the Skinny Pina Colada that they made from Sip Your Way Skinny Month. After posting that, I learned that the reason they made that was to have a special "Beach Night" to help fight the winter blues and pretend to be at their favorite restaurant in Florida, Jimmy's.

My dad and Cathy                                          their good friends

Like I said, cute huh?'s exactly what's this blog is for!

So since that announcement, we received our first submission!

It's for the Green Smoothie post that we did,
and it's extra special because it's from my cousin, Bethany!
I'm going to be embarrassing and post a picture of us from when we little (and one from now):

Beth, love the gum.

And I must add that this is a bit flattering because she is probably one of the best cooks I know.
Seriously, anything she touches in the kitchen, turns to "gold" (or whatever the cooking equivalent would be).

Here's what she said she did:
"I used store brand 4 berry variety of frozen berries
Spinach leaves
Non-fat store brand vanilla yogurt.
tip: I bought a huge tub of the yogurt because it was only $2.00, so it's definitely cheaper "

She said it was "great!"
Bethany, thanks so much for sharing!

Ok friends, who's next?
Just send us a couple of pictures of your drink that you made to
You could be the next reader feature:)



  1. Hahahah. My blue gum is hilarious. :) Thanks for the feature!

  2. Thanks for sharing it Beth! Send another if you want:)

  3. And thank you for those kind words about me. They made me blush!!