Monday, November 21, 2011

H2O Bar

We have another party suggestion for you. (Hopefully you're not on overload yet).
 But this one really is a great example of why we started this blog:
We're about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary,
 and let's face it, it doesn't get more ordinary than water.

But why not get creative with it?

How about adding a few things to customize the flavor of your water?

And how about setting up fun glasses to it drink out of?
And what about adding festive straws to SIP from?

...Throw in a little signage...

Then what happens?
Your boring pitcher of water
becomes a colorful buffet of "create your own" awesome-ness.

What a great add on to your thanksgiving feast this Thursday, don't you think?
We used sliced lemons, limes, and cucumbers.
Can you think of other customizable options could you put out?
(We love hearing your suggestions!)



  1. Looks so festive! I think orange slices would be good. Also, mint leaves would be pretty and refreshing with the cucumber. And, if you buy those tubs of sliced strawberries in the freezer section you could thaw that and put a spoon in it-they usually have some juice in the tub, too. It would "swim around in the water" but it would still taste YUM! And color it pink! :)

  2. I love adding fresh strawberry or mint leaves to my water!

  3. Love this idea! Definitely filing this one away!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!