Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Adam L.

Tomorrow is my sweet husband's birthday. I thought it'd be the perfect chance show you a little bit more about him and why I love him so much:

1. He's goofy:
(he's the one in the pink, and yes this is his prom photo)

(yes this is his real hair, and yes it was only for a couple weeks-yikes!, and YES this is before we were dating, ha).

2. He's a great athlete (one of those ones who's good at everything):

3. He's loves to dance:

4. He's an awesome friend:

5. He's a great uncle, brother, son, grandson, and in-law:

(he loves his crazy hair...)

6. He's such a blessing to me:

Happy Birthday Adam, I'm so thankful for you!


PS. Here's a little teaser: We had a little surprise party to celebrate him this weekend...

... and we made Beer Cupcakes!
More photos and a recipe to come soon!

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