Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mimosa Bar Teaser

Did you know that when you have a baby shower after the baby is born that it's ususally called a "Sip and See"? Now that's our kind of shower around here!

Kirstin threw a Sip and See shower this last Saturday!

The theme: Vintage Storybooks <--click there to see more shower stuff.

She did such an awesome job making the decor vintage
(which personally, I think is often attempted and rarely pulled off--can I say that?).
But my favorite part was the....

Mimosa Bar!

And yes, it was truly as fabulous as it looks.
So fabulous in fact, we've decided March should consist of  a "Mmm... Mimosa Mondays" series. We'll unfold all the little details of this little mimosa bar, and how to make one for your next brunch. (Or perhaps even just to brighten up your next weekend morning at home).

If you just can't wait for more details, start this week with the Classic Mimosa!

You'll need  Champagne and Orange Juice

Fill a champagne glass half with chilled champagne, half with OJ. 
It's just as easy as it is delightful.

So sip on that for now and stay tuned friends... 
"MMM...Mimosa Mondays" is  going to be great!


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