About Us

Hi there! We are the Sips Girls- Kirstin and Tricia- and we're glad you're here!

Sips etc. is a place where DRINKS get to be the star of the show- their own category, instead of a menu add-on. Turning the ordinary into extraordinary is something that we love, and love having the chance to share (the H2O bar at our Sips Launch Party was such a hit! Ordinary turned extraordinary at its best!).

In our family, drinks are a big deal. Tricia and Kirstin both have slight addictions to fountain diet coke (we may or may not frequent the Sonic Drive In daily), the boys have a deep appreciation for beer, our sister Kedron (who authors our monthly Barista Banter column) is a coffee afficianado, and we even have semi-annual family drink competition where we pit our greatest concoctions against each other.

Even more, we live by the motto, "The beauty is in the details..." We love making the stuff of routine and daily life into something special. And drinks are such a great way to do just that!

A little more about us? Well, we are sister-in-laws (Tricia is married to Kirstin's brother). 

We both married guys named Adam (hereafter referred to as TheAdams- they are featured from time to time with their beer column).  
Both of TheAdams are currently students (dental school and engineering school respectively), which translates into lives full of textbooks, ramen, two entire sets of vocabulary that we don't quite follow, and a nagging feeling of being Behind in Life.

We live in Denver but love the beach. 

Tricia hails from Philadelphia and has a weird obsession with the Phillies, the Eagles, the Flyers and the Sixers. She also loves Duke basketball. Random.

Kirstin was born right here in the Mile High City and is glad to be back after hiatuses to New Mexico, Canada and Pennsylvania. She loves to ski and will tag along to any Denver sporting event you give her tickets to. Fair weather fan much?

Second only to our passion for fountain diet coke is our love for frozen yogurt... ok, sweets in general.

We love all things pumpkin- pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin dip, pumpkin cupcakes- but not pumpkin pie (weird right? Maybe it's the texture).

Tricia's favorite drinks (besides diet coke)- Coffee (not just a drink, a lifeline), black and white milkshakes, Coconut coffee from Starbucks (dang them for taking the coconut away!), root beer, gin and tonic with extra lime, and Wawa's diet lemonade iced tea.

Kirstin's favorite drinks (again, diet coke aside)- Iced tea mixed with limeade, Starbucks hot cocoa, Stash green tea, cosmo's, chai with a couple of chocolate chips thrown in (or a couple pumps of mocha syrup), light caramel frappacinos (keep the whipped cream and caramel sauce- those are the best part), and coconut black tea from Starbucks (bring. back. coconut. starbucks!).

Thanks for stopping by! 
Email us any time- sipsetc AT gmail DOT com!