Our Thoughts on Alcohol

Ok...ok...we figured you might be wondering about this...we don't blame you.
And we think it's important enough to dedicate a whole page to it.

Here's the story:

When we first decided to start this blog we had one primary concern:
a blog about drinks? We'll seem like lushes.

And we definitely didn't want that.
So, we knew we had to make a space that explained what we thought about all this "alcohol business".

We decided to keep that space short and sweet, like us.
Well... we're only short compared to some...
And we suppose we're only sweet compared to some too...
so maybe not like us at all...
but anyway...

Here it is:

We believe alcohol, like most things (except Diet Coke, of course),
is ok in moderation.

If you notice, most all of our recipes are in servings of 1-2.
AND not all drinks posted are alcoholic (we try to mix it up).

And so we say: enjoy a birthday cake martini on your special day.
Serve those beer-garitas with that amazing chili-lime rimming salt at your next party.

But again, as with all things, be smart, be responsible, and be classy!

We'd love to answer any further questions about this
and are more than willing to share more to anyone wanting to hear it.
 Just email us at: sipsetc@gmail.com!