Thursday, February 23, 2012

TheAdams: Black tooth tribute..

There's been quite a bit of celebrating around here lately.

After almost four  l o o o o n g years (or so Kirst and Adam would say),
Adam G is done with boards and all exams...
(unless he moves to another state or decides to go back to school, neither of which are really the plan, for now)
 F    O    R    E    V    E    R    ! !

So in honor of him and all his hard work,
We've been eating lots and lots of good food, which is the key to his heart.

And of course, being the drink bloggers that we are, we had an appropriately-themed drink to go with it all.

It was manly,
It was stiff,
It was perfect for a guy who just finished hours years, of studying Dentistry...
It was: The Black Tooth
And it was: delicious.

If you have a man in your life (ideally one who works with teeth) and you want to celebrate him... make this:

Equal parts of coke and dr. pepper.
Add in Jack Daniels to taste
Pour over ice
And cheers to the tooth man.

Adam L.                                                                                                   Adam G.

So, to Adam G, Soon-to-be Dr. G!
We're proud of you and all your hard work and studying...
And we promise not to drink these Black Tooth drinks all the time so as to not actually get black teeth.



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