Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reader Feature!

So a few nights ago my parents sent me a text message.
It was this picture:

The Skinny Pina Colada that we posted during the Sip Your Way Skinny Series!
(with our shameless Christmas card pic in the background)
But, aren't they cute?

They said they made it with coconut soda instead of coconut water and it was great!
(which is a big deal because they are both fellow Pina Colada lovers)

But, I love that they were using the recipes
AND that they were making their own variations.

I told Kirst about it and it gave us an idea...

Whenever you guys make one of the recipes, take a picture (no need to be professional).
Then, send it to us (sipsetc@gmail.com) and we'll pick some to feature on the blog!
And be sure to let us know when you substitute ingredients or have some additions you found made it better.

We love hearing from you guys,
we aren't just asking those questions at the end of the blogs as a good wrap up...we really do want to know.

So, email us your hard work!  We're looking forward to it!


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