Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fan-Themed Parties

We're going to be honest, this years superbowl is leaving a lot to be desired around here. The Patriots and the Giants? Yuck. And we might be just a bit bitter that our teams didn't make it, or even come close to making it, but out of respect for them, we decided not to develope a colored drink for the super bowl teams like we definitely would have should the circumstances have been different.

And so, we decided we would have Kojo do a little guest post for us about how to make a fan-themed party with fan colored food and drinks.

Click here to go over and check it out.

This was a party they threw for the Mavs last season, but it has some great ideas and obviously some blue themed things that could go for the Patriots (boo) or the Giants (boo) if those were teams you were choosing to cheer for.

We guess if you're going to watch the superbowl, which we still intend to do, you should at least have fun themed food and drinks. Thanks Kojo for sharing! 

Enjoy the game Sunday!


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