Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother’s day (and the inside track on kirstin, according to burke)

I thought it might be fun to interview Burke for Mother's Day- I spend more hours with Burke and Piper Jane than anyone else, so I thought he'd have some good "Kirstin inside track" for you. Here are his (funny!) answers-

Q- Burke, who is mama's best friend?

A- (points to himself) ME!

Q- What does daddy do for his job?

A- Works on people's teeth.

Q- What does mama do for her job?

A- Goes to the zoo. And makes lots of PB&Js for us. And goes to the museum.

Q- What do you want to be when you grow up?

A- A conductor. (Me- of music? Or of trains? Burke- Trains of course.)

Q- What should I be when I grow up?

A- A secret service agent. Or a ballerina.

Me- I think I've already missed the boat on both of those, buddy.

Burke- That's ok. Maybe Piper Jane can try one of them.

Q- What's your favorite thing about daddy?

A- Sometimes he lets me play on his iPhone. Or iPod. Or iPad.

Q- What's your favorite things about mama?

A- When you give me tickle kisses- they really tickle, you know.

Q- What does your best day look like?

A- Hmmm.... like a day when I can choose whatever I want? Well, we'd wake up and eat Cheerios. Then we'd go to the zoo. For lunch we'd have PB&J. And then we'd play in the backyard- no naps! And for dinner we'd have Chicken Fil A (aka Chick Fil A).

Q- What does mama's best day look like?

A- I already told you- Cheerios, zoo, PB&J. Weren't you listening?

Have I mentioned lately that Burke sure does make me laugh? I DO have some big non-PB&J-related dreams for today- a nap and the Med Salad from Noodles & Co. We'll see if either of those comes true.

If you have a chance to ask your Smoochies a couple of these questions today, I'd love to hear their responses! Happy Mother's Day friends (whether you're a mama or not)!


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  1. Lovely pics. What a bunch of little cuties.
    I saw your comment at Bacon Time on my Pineapple Upside Down Cake Cocktail. I have been super busy the last few days/months LOL I have not been doing a lot of guest posting because of it. I am fine with you sharing a pic of it and linking to my blog if you want to do that. I have a few fun cocktails, including a s'more one. I actually just found out a light margarita of mine is going to be published in Healthy Cooking! Fun blog you have here dedicated to beverages. If you decide to do that let me know and I will share your feature post. Best to email me at because I don't always get to read all of my comments. Thanks for liking my recipe.