Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dyed Coconut "Feather" Cups

A couple of weekends ago, Kirstin threw the world's best Angry Birds Birthday Party.
Seriously, everything was made into an angry bird (though, I've come to realize that most anything, given eyes, furrowed brows, and a beak can become and angry bird), but she did such a great job with it!

Here's the birthday boy making his angriest bird face...

When I asked to help, she gave me the drink table. I guess I should say this lightly, since she already had several ideas she wanted to do, so I just added to it, and helped execute.

My biggest contribution: "Feathered" cups for the Orange Juice  "Bird Nectar.

They were really fun to make, and added just a bit of excitement to an otherwise ordinary breakfast drink. 
Want to see how we made them?

Here's what you need:

shredded coconut
food coloring
a plastic bag that seals (one for each color you make)
plastic cups
white icing
plates for rimming

Here's how to do it:
First, we wanted the feathers to be different colors, since actual Angry Birds aren't just white. So pour some shredded coconut into a baggie.

Next add a couple drops of food coloring (you really don't need much, I just did two or three drops)

Shake. Shake. Shake.

Do this for all the different colors you need.

Next, pour each color coconut onto a plate, one for each color. 

Then scoop out a bit of icing. Try to put in about the diameter of your cups.

Dab the rim of your plastic cup into the icing, coating the whole thing.

Next, dab the now iced rim of the cup into the color coconut you wish. Coat completely.

Repeat this enough times so each guest has a rimmed cup and set them up on display before everyone arrives!

Cute, right? Who knew you could dye coconut? It's perfect for a bird themed party, or a bachelorette party, or any party where you want to add some coconut. 

Seriously, the combo of orange juice with vanilla and coconut was just delicious. I might start rimming my juice glass every morning... would that be ridiculous? 

Can you think of another use for coconut rimmed glasses? 


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