Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sun Tea

We've had such a warm spring here in Denver.
This might not appeal to some, but to Kirst and I, it's been quite a treat.

But last week was a bit of a reality check that it's still only spring, not summer
(actually, this weekend was cold even).
 And though we're thankful for the rain, because we know we need it,
we girls are ready for that warm dry weather to come back.

And so in effort to encourage the sun to come back out again this week, we thought we should post something that we made back a couple weeks ago, when it was in the 80's (yes, 80s!): 

 Sun Tea

Have you ever made this before?
We suspected that it might be the world's easiest drink to make,
but we still looked it up to be sure we were doing right,
and it is, in fact, as simple as we were thinking.

Take 4-6 tea bags...

...put them in water in a pitcher (no need to boil--that's the point of sun tea)...

...set outside, in the sun of course, for 3-5 hours...
You might want to put a lid on your pitcher.
Adam mentioned that after I was finished brewing the tea...didn't even cross my mind, nice huh?

...add some ice and some lemons or limes and serve.

It's easy and it's been sun-kissed...that just sounds divine doesn't it?

See Mr. Sun, we need you to make our tea. Please come out again soon. We missed you last week!


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