Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Orange-you glad you can make these at home" Orange Julius Recipe

(Don't worry, I already know that's the cheesy title for this post.)

But these tropical delights will always remind me of a good trip to the mall--orange cream is the scent of hard work and plastic shopping bags in my opinion (anyone else with me on this?).
 I mean really, where else do you get Orange Julius besides at the mall?

So, being able to have these treats whenever we want? that really IS exciting, and I AM glad I can make them at home. And what's better, they're not nearly as difficult as I was anticipating!

I saw the recipe here first, and adapted it to make a bit more convenient for myself, as always.

So if you want to bring a little Orange Julius love to your home too,
I'll show you what I did so you can do it too! :

Here's what you need:
1 c orange juice
1 c milk (we used 1%)
1/4 c sugar (we used a little less)
1 t vanilla extract (I always measure the vanilla over the bowl, extra vanilla is almost never a bad thing)
10-12 ice cubes.

Here's how to do it:
Pour all the ingredients into the blender

(see I told you I'm generous with the vanilla)

Blend it all up, pour into your favorite glass, maybe even add some orange zest to the top, and sip away.

The perfect pre-shopping/post-shopping treat. 
Oooh, or wouldn't it be great for a brunch?

Seriously. So. Good.
Anyone else love Orange Julius? 
Have you tried making them at home before? 
We'd love to hear!


  1. YUMMY! I love Orange Julius'! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks Kelli! I made one and took it up to Adam for a study break, I think it was appreciated since it was all gone 10 minutes later:)

  3. This looks SO good!! I want to make this. Maybe today!! :)

    1. Thanks Alison! Let me know how it turns out:) Hope you had a great time at SNAP!

  4. Mmmm I had an orange Julius years ago. All I really remember is it was really yummy. I will have to try it again. Thanks for sharing.