Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not your ordinary ice cubes.

Tell me I'm not the only one who finds putting ice into water bottles a bit of a chore.

I'm not talking your normal Nalgene bottle,
I'm talking like your Smart water, Fiji water, or even your Nestle water bottles.
When I attempt to perform such a simple task, I end up making such a mess.

At least that was before I went to Ikea:

Well on that same shopping trip, we found another ice cube tray (the heart tray pictured too!) that is specialized just for people like me---fits right inside the bottle--no shoving and messes necessary.

I decided to be a little creative and throw a little fresh lime juice in the mix,
you know, for a "water with lime" on the go.

Just fill the try with the juice of one lime (that's all you really need) spacing it out as evenly as possible.

Fill the rest with water.

CAREFULLY transfer the tray from the sink to the freezer
(the tray is silicone, so might move around and spill water if you're not careful.)




It's simple and it's brilliant.

What do you think?
Would you use this ice tray?
 What else could you freeze into your new ice trays?
What else can you use the skinny cubes for?



  1. Really cool ice cube tray! Would a berry fit in them? How about some crushed mint leaves for tea? Yum...I'm so thirsty right now and the school vending machine ate my money and failed to produce my diet coke can. Sad day. :(

    1. Thanks Bethany! I love the berry idea, I bet at least blueberries would. Or maybe Pomegranate seeds? And oooh, crushed mint leaves in tea would be delicious! I bet you could do other herbs too... maybe rosemary in lemonade? I like where this is going. And sorry about your diet coke. That is a really sad day:(.