Wednesday, April 11, 2012

summer's best drink- coconut iced tea

Ok, I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself. It is, in fact, barely spring. But the weather in Denver has been absolutely gorgeous lately. In celebration of the 70+ degrees, I've been making myself Summer's Best Drink. It's super easy, but I thought I'd pass along the how-to so that y'all don't miss out on this yumminess.

A word of caution- don't let your kids try this stuff unless you want to share it every time you make it from now on.

First of all, the secret ingredient is Starbucks' Coconut Syrup that I bought last year. I'm pretty sure they don't sell it right now, but you could probably use another coconut syrup (though, it might not be as good... I am pretty sure that Starbucks adds a little magic in theirs somehow). If Starbucks brings back Coconut again this year, I can't recommend highly enough getting yourself a bottle of this stuff. So there's that.

Anyhow, back to the Coconut tea (and how to make it). First, brew some strong black tea (I used decaf and couldn't tell a difference). To make it strong enough, I used four tea bags and let then let it steep for a bit.

Then, I poured the strong-tea into a pitcher halfway full of ice.

Add two tablespoons of Heaven Syrup (aka coconut syrup)...

                                                                ...and some stirring...

                                               ... and you have Summer's Best Drink.

Cheers to the gloriously warm weather!


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  1. Sounds very intriguing! Have you seen those new infiniti coke machines where you can combine virtually any flavored syrup into virtually any beverage including coke, tea, etc. This post reminds me of that machine. My husband and I played for 10 minutes mixing different drinks when we first discovered that machine!

    Thanks for partying with me at Drab to Fab. Here's the link to this weeks, party! Come on back to share more of your lovely ideas.

    Have a lovely weekend! :)

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

    1. Amy, I have seen those things, they're so awesome. Kirstin and I have tried to scope out all the places that have them so we know where they are in a diet coke pinch:). Thanks for commenting. We've already linked up!

  2. Ooooo I so want to try the coconut syrup now!!

    1. Alison, seriously. so. good. Let's hope they bring it back this year at starbucks!

  3. Looking forward to trying this. I love coconut! Thank you :)

    1. Kellie, we love coconut too! It might be one of our favorite flavors. And hey, I know you've mentioned making a couple of our recipes, have you had the chance? If so, would you want to be one of our reader features coming up? Let us know, you can email at