Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sippy Cup: Man with Yellow Hat party decor

So pretty much this week has turned into "link up to Kojo" week. But I wanted to show you another idea we used recently... and it just happened to work perfectly for Kirst's Curious George Shower (just like the Banana Puddin-tinis did).

It's the perfect craft to do with you little ones and decorate for a birthday party, costume party, or in our case a baby shower, that involves some kind of hat theme (Curious George, or what about cowboy/cowgirl/western/toy story party? Wouldn't that be fun?)! Even better, it's cheap (dollar store cheap) and easy (again, perfect with a little-r one).

I first saw the idea here . It's one of those ones that you see and think "how brilliant!... why have I never thought of this before?".  It'd be a great way to set the table for a party (like Sarah did on her blog), or a fun way to decorate cake stands, tables, and apothecary jars (like Kirst did).

Here's how to make it so it goes on top of an apothecary jar/cake dome/whatever else might stick up:
1. Wrap a yellow cup with electrical tape or brown vinyl (we couldn’t find any electrical tape). You might have to make several slits for it to sit right.
2. Cut an “x” in the middle of a yellow plate. *careful with your little with the cutting, but you already knew that:)
3. Tape the cup in place over the “x” using packing tape (put a little on the inside of each side of the cup).
4. Slide the top of your apothecary jar or cake dome through the “x” cut.

(obviously to just use it as a placesetting or to put across a hurricane there's no need for cutting "x"s.)

Like I said, cheap, easy, quick, adorable...perfection.

Can you think of another use for these little hats?

**for more details about the shower and other decorations Kirst used, check them out here**


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