Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Drink Blogger's Valentine: Heart Shaped Ice Cubes

Kirstin loves Ikea.
Like, goes there every other week, loves Ikea.
Like, her 3 year old could probably give directions from their house, loves Ikea.

Ok,Want to know something else about Kirstin?
She loves Valentines day.
And not necessarily because of the romance of it (at least I don't think anyway),
but more so because she has fond memories of that being one of the only days of the year that her family got together to do "crafts" (aka make valentines).And because it's a great day to remind people how much you love them.

Now, I say all of that so you will understand exactly what I was thinking when I accompanied her and her two kiddos on their latest Ikea outting and saw this:

 Yep, a heart ice cube tray. Because for $1.99 (which is why most of the rest of us love Ikea) I could contribute to the Valentines Festivities and send my own little "valentine" in the form of ice. One heart ice cube tray, sold.

 Are any of you interested in decorating your ice cubes for Valentine's day to remind people they're loved? Fantastic. I'll show you just ONE of the many ways to use this baby...

1.Grab some of your favorite Juice. We used Berry Blast NakedJuice.

2.Grab yourself one enthusiastic toddler (optional. No toddlers needed, but I will say, if they're like my nephew they'd probably love to help)

3. Fill the ice cube tray with the juice (preferably a red kind in keeping with the "love" theme)

4. Let freeze. Obviously.

5. Pour a glass of seltzer, champagne, or another kind of juice (we used Mighty Mango NakedJuice for ours and paired it with some delicious red velvet pancakes for breakfast)

6. Serve it to your favorites as a little "I love you".


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