Monday, January 9, 2012

"Sip Your Way Skinny": Day 1-Coconut Water

Hope you guys had a great holiday season! We did, but we're glad to be back, we missed you. 

Anyway, it's January 9th, which means we're now 9 days into our 2012 New Year Resolutions. And, if you're like most of America, "getting fit" or "losing weight" made it onto your Resolution list this year.
(but let's be honest, isn't it on there almost every year?)
We're right there with you, so we decided the entire month of January should be dedicated to
healthy drinks and "skinny" drink options.
Because most of us are consuming too many liquid calories
 and there are plenty of great alternatives.

 We are calling it Sip Your Way Skinny
and guess what, it starts today! Woo!

Sip Your Way Skinny:
Day 1- Coconut Water

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Have you noticed Coconut Water is all the rage? You probably have seen pictures like the ones above on the cover of US Weekly, or People, in line at the store (or in your weekly subcription if your like me...I'm a sucker for these magazines) and might be wondering what the hype is all about.

We did the research for you to see if its just trendy, or if it's really as great as they say,
 here's what we found:

Health Benefits
(these are just some we've highlighted because they're so many,
if you want to read more, there's lots of info out there, but this is the site we used):
-helps re-hydrate you
-better for you than sports drinks (less sodium and sugar, but more potassium)
-helps boost your immune system and fight viruses
-helps raise your metabolism
 -can reduce risk of cancer
-helps control diabetes 

 After reading all of that good news, we came to the conclusion that it is worth trying.

So we did, and loved it.
Coconut water can be little sour if you're not used to it,
so try adding just a splash of orange juice like what's shown above.
 (don't do too much or it will off set the low sugar/low carb benefits)



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  1. Thanks for this Tricia, I have seen coconut water everywhere but wondered if it was REALLY good for you! I love the oj splash idea! That looks yummy... I will pick some up tonight!