Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Introducing: "Diet Coke Days"

Our love of Diet Coke is no secret 
but we're pretty sure we haven't exactly been honest about how strong that love truly is. 

 It's time to come clean, 
and in doing so, we have unanimously (unanimously being the two of us) decided that we needed to give it it's own column:
Diet Coke Days.

Some days will be recipes, some days will be uses,
and some days will just be a safe place to share about
the shear joy we get each time we sip that carbonated glimpse of Heaven.

Stay tuned for next week's installment 
(we have grand plans to make diet coke tree adornments 
for the diet coke lovers in your life).

But before we sign off, 
we thought we'd leave you this...
because sometimes, mere words are not enough:

 Image via 

From the moment we met
We knew something was there,
From the tips of our toes 
To the ends of our hair,

There's just nothing like you
We can't quite explain
The sheer delight we get 
When you rush through our veins.

Despite others scoffs,
For us it was no joke,
Oh how we love you,
 Sweet, sweet, Diet Coke.

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