Friday, November 11, 2011

TheAdams-Sam Adams Variety Pack

So one of the things that I love is a good variety pack. Especially winter variety packs. 

They are usually a catch 22 though. I mean they put in these great seasonal beers and at the same time they undoubtedly have a few "throw away" beers.  
You know what I'm talking about, the ones that stay in your fridge almost a full year.

I was at the beer store last weekend getting some beer for the Sips launch party (my addition to the "Recommended by YOU" bar that Trish and Kirst set up). I almost passed right by the Samuel Adams winter variety pack because I knew I didn't like the Cranberry Lambac. 

Imagine my surprise when there was not just one, but two new beers and no Lambac. The Chocolate Bock and the Coffee and Brew Stout.(both which are pretty good)

So here's to Samuel Adams for getting it right.
It's like somebody at the company was like, "Hey, what if the variety pack had ALL good beer?" and then they went ahead and got rid of the crap beer. 


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