Monday, March 5, 2012

"MMM... Mimosa Mondays" - Mimosa Bar How to and Shopping List

If you read about the vintage children's book Sip 'n See at kojodesigns, you might've got the "I'm in love with Mimosa Bar" vibe. It's true. I am.

Among the many, many fabulous Mimosa Bar features, "SO EASY" tops the list! You could add this to any brunch you're putting together- from a casual get together to a baby shower or Sip 'n See.

And to make things just a wee bit easier on you, I thought I'd put together a Mimosa Bar How To, complete with every thing you'll need to make your own Mimosa Bar (even a shopping list).

DIY Mimosa Bar wares-

-one ice bucket (mine is rather large- all five bottles of bubbley fit in there) with ice

-three or four glass dishes for fruit (we used the rectangular ones from Ikea)

-three or four glass juice bottles (again, Ikea)

-juice labels

-glasses (one per guest)

Optional- an ornate frame and a "Mimosas" pennant (I just freehanded mine on coordinating paper)

Optional- other decor (bunting, pom poms, etc.)

DIY Mimosa Bar shopping list


-sparkling cider

-orange juice (you could make homemade, or Simply Orange works great)

-grapefruit juice (same)

-raspberry lemonade concentrate

-two pints strawberries

-1/2 lb. rhubarb

-raspberries, blueberries, blackberries (for mix ins)

-pineapple (for mix ins)


To do the night before-

-Make all juice (strawberry lemonade, strawberry rhubarb juice, etc.-all of our recipes will be posted later this month during "Mmm... Mimosa Mondays"- watch for them!)

-Pour all juice into glass bottles and keep refrigerated

-Label all juice bottles (we tied these on the night before and kept them on the bottles in the fridge overnight and they were fine- no warping)

-Chill champagne and sparkling cider

-Set out ice bucket (without ice) and glasses

-Hang your "Mimosas" sign, frame, pom poms, bunting and other decor

To do the morning of-

-Fill all the glass dishes with fruit and set out

-Fill the ice bucket with ice

-Set out the juice, champagne, and sparkling cider

Funny story- I kept making myself little tiny 'mini-mosas' (just a sip or two in size) so that I could try more of the variations. I loved the Spring Break Mimosa (with berry lemonade) and the Ruby June (with rhubarb strawberry juice)! Even better, the Sparkling Peach made for all sorts of great combinations- I liked it even better than the champagne.

Have you seen this Mimosa Bar craze? Have you tried it out? Do you love brunch like we do? Any thoughts on other juices or mix-in additions to this Bar Of Brunch-y Goodness (seriously- pass those ideas along- I WILL be doing another one of these!)?


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