Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flavored Italian Sodas

It's been so nice around here lately.
And actually when I checked and saw the national weather map this afternoon, pretty much all over the country was warm (like 70s-80s)
except for Maine, and the Pacific Northwest.
It's days like today that don't make me miss Coeur d'Alene in mid-March.

So if you would rather replace your afternoon tea/hot chocolate of the winter months with something a bit brighter and more freshing like I did, try making an italian soda!

Here's what you need:
Club Soda
Milk (anything from skim to half and half)
Flavored syrup (I used Starbucks Raspberry Syrup)

Then mix, add a fun straw, and sip away those winter blues.

Those Italians know how to do soda. ...mmm...mmm.

What's your favorite italian soda? Do you add anything extra other than those basics listed above?


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