Friday, December 16, 2011

TheAdams: What to Buy for your Guy

Trish tells me I'm hard to shop for. Actually, if you're a guy you probably get told this a lot. So I decided I would put together 4 ideas (you only need 4, guys are simple) to help out the girls this year so that no guy ends up with Soap on a Rope again...

1. Local Brews-Take him to one of your local breweries, try to go on a tour, and at the end, let him get either the sampler or a few of the ones he really wanted to try as you eat dinner. Make sure to call ahead if you're planning a tour, there are usually specific times they allow them.

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2. Build your own 6 Pack-Have you been to Cost Plus World Market or Whole Foods? Well if you have one near you, it'd be a great place to compile a 6 pack of his favorite beers, or new beers to try. You could go with all different kinds of Stouts or IPAs or something. Root Beer works really well too. You could probably also try to put together your own from another store as well, I just know World Market and Whole foods have a special thing there just for this.

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3. Sports Mug-One of my favorite presents I've ever gotten was a Steelers Beer Mug. seems to have a ton if you type in the team or the sport you're looking for. Also, clicking the link for the picture below will take you to a site. Then he can have something cold to drink while watching the Steelers win another Super Bowl...

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4. Coffee-Coffee tastes better from a French Press, but most people don't have time to do this every morning. Another of my favorite things is our French Press to-go mug. I know Starbucks has them because that's where ours is from.

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There you go, 4 solid ideas so your guys (and you) are excited for the holiday this year. Hope it helps!


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