Monday, December 19, 2011

Barista Banter: Christmas gifts/Party Favors for $0.87 each!

I love on a cold winter day snuggling up with some hot chocolate to watch the snow fall. Now NORMALLY this time of year we have plenty of snow up in North Idaho but this year...we've got nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. The weather reports Christmas day being in the 60's and although I LOVE me some warm weather this is just so....WEIRD!! Not a white Christmas this year?! Boo Hiss.

Any who back to the hot chocolate yummyness.
 Some of you might know this but my husband is the middle school youth pastor at our church- not to say we aren't blessed beyond our needs but it isn't really like we are "rolling in the dough" if you know what I mean. So when he asked me to come up with 60 party favors for less than $1 a person for the church Christmas party I was completely on board.

 In my head things like this are a game, a challenge, a quest to be conquered- you get the picture. I had seen some hot cocoa giveaway jars but my budget would be blown by the cost of mason jars and then there were some other ones made of condiment carriers but those looked too cheap (sorry if I just offended anyone....) Finally I came up with these goodies.

 The cost ended up being .87 per person and they were a big hit at the party-None left!

 Here is a step by step to get your neighbors or friends a little something without breaking the bank.

1. First you essentially make a huge assembly line.
I did the first twenty one by one and believe me it's MUCH faster going assembly line style.

 2. Take 3/4 cup of your hot cocoa mix, and start the first layer in a clear treat bag or cello bag.
 I didn't do anything fancy just Swiss Miss from Wal Mart at $5.46 a can
 and this made about 15 goodie bags.

3.Then layer a healthy handful or two of marshmallows.
There is no "set amount" to this- let the heart run wild (is that even how you  USE that phrase?!?).  
I stopped after two handfuls aka when there were equal parts of hot cocoa mix to mellows.

4. Then you simply tie the bags with curling ribbon.
Pull hard so the marshmallows don't dry out and get crunchy.

5. Curl the ribbon and tie a candy cane to spruce it up.
 I ran out of the clear bags so I had to improvise and use these cookie treat bags I had on-hand from last Christmas.
 Goes to show when I tell my husband I PROMISE I will use those someday- don't throw them out...I really will!
HA jokes on him! ( that the right usage?! Stinkin idioms...get me every time)

Then take pictures of your hard work and show your hubby your craftiness and frugality without trying to gloat. Believe's harder than it seems!

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