Monday, November 28, 2011

Swizzle Sticks (DIY Drink Toppers)

You know how lately cupcake toppers seem to be all the rage?
We love them. They're adorable.
So adorable in fact, that we decide to work on our own product line extension for them...
we bring you Drink Toppers.

They can also be referred to as "Swizzle Sticks", but what's great about drink toppers is that they aren't only limited to drinks that need stirring,
they can go in any drink!

Just add a cute word, phrase, graphic, or in our case, our logo (for the launch party),
the same way you would for a cupcake topper
 set it into your drink,
 and BAM!
 the oh-so-cute-topper is brought to life in another way...
through your drinks

We even made a tutorial for you just to show you how easy it is:

Step one: Design your topper, print, and cut out.

Step two: get your sticks
(unlike cupcake toppers, you need a stick that's larger than a toothpick so your swizzle stick/drink topper doesn't get wet. We used wooden skewers cut in half)

Step three: tape the stick to the topper on the backside
(Another great use for the printed masking tape, can't get enough of this stuff)

Then place into each cup for the party.
Or, you can put all the toppers into one cup and let your guests add them.

And that's it!

We're in love.

Funny when little details can make all the difference.

Any up coming parties you're throwing that might need a little drink toppin' love?
Tell us, we want to hear!


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