Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exciting News and a Thank You.

Hey guys! We have some pret-ty exciting news to share with you all. Our little blog has been featured on not one, but two blogs!

The first one is You can see our Birthday Cake Martini from Kirstin's nice birthday post for me, here on their site. Do you know people who only like to order things in a restaurant that they can see pictures of on the menu? Well, that's kind of what tastespotting is, only they're online and they are recipes so you can make them yourself. They're a compilation of pictures for recipes from around the internet, that are approved by their girls Sarah and Jennifer. And thanks to them, we made the cut. Check them out!

The second one is from our friend Shelley over at She also linked up to the B.C.M. recipe from October 8th. She loves a good party and has some great ideas on her blog. We especially loved her Martini Bar post! Thanks to Shelley, and you guys should check her out too, especially if you need some ideas for your next party.

We just wanted to take a second and say how much we appreciate everyone's support and encouragement so far--not just to those sites who have featured us, but our readers as well.



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